The Story

The Original Free Rani, Gurpreet Nagra 

Free Rani is lifestyle brand founded by Toronto native, Jyoti Nagra. With a showroom based in Brampton, Ontario, Free Rani carries a curated collection of beautifully crafted heirloom jewelry & accessories. The brand plays homage to her Mom, Gurpreet, who she fondly calls “The Original Free Rani”. Growing up in Punjab, India, Gurpreet was affectionately named Rani by her family & friends. Inspired by the endurance Gurpreet had during her own personal hardships, Jyoti wanted to create a brand that celebrated her & other women who were breaking their own glass ceilings. 

The Free Rani showroom is a cosy space where clients get to indulge in a rich slice of South Asian heritage. It houses collections of ornate designs that seek inspiration from South Asian traditions, while resonating with the modern South Asian women. They prefer traditional craftsmanship mixed with modern styles for a delicate balance between the South Asian & Western worlds. Free Rani aims to bring together a community of women who celebrates their diverse identity & pushes boundaries of today’s patriarch society.  Free Rani champions this new wave of revolution to inspire the next generation of strong, independent females. The Free Rani brand has reached a global audience, having women from all over the world reach out to purchase their pieces. Proudly, Free Rani carries a limited supply of each design as they want to make the shopping experience unique for each of their clients.   

Under the direction of Kiran, the brand creative director & Jyoti’s sister, they set out to create visually appealing stories through photography & film. Their Instagram feed features campaigns that perfectly blend Tongue-in-Cheek & Traditional South Asian Couture.  You can often find social media heavy hitters & bloggers such as The Sandy Lion, Anikta B., Manal Shaikh, Laiba Zaid, Mia Martina & Nabela, among others adorned in Free Rani jewelry & accessories. 

Made with love, to inspire.